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BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS – In the first month of her campaign, denise Saenz-Blanchard announced she has raised over $20,000 since filing her campaign paperwork to run for congress on december 16th. Only 30 days into her in her very first campaign for public office, Blanchard has shown she can raise money even during a recession influenced holiday season. Even in a tough environment, the numbers show Blanchard won’t be hampered as a first time candidate in the Democratic Primary on April 3rd.

“Raising money for a campaign is hard and takes up more time than i imagined. But it’s not nearly as hard as what most families have had to endure over the past couple of years. I can relate because it wasn’t all that long ago i was the single mother trying to put myself through college while working a full time job. I made it through that so i’m confident i’ll make it through this fundraising slog without too much trouble,” said Saenz-Blanchard.

Saenz-blanchard says her parents armed her with these values and ingrained the strong work ethic needed to be successful regardless of what life throws at her. In speeches and remarks at events, denise shares a story that illustrates the type of childhood event that has shaped her life, her career and presumably her winning campaign for congress:

“After serving in WWII my dad brought his young family to Brownsville only to struggle to find work or make ends meet. While dad started his law enforcement career working for the Brownsville Police Department mom peeled shrimp and worked in restaurants to help pay the bills. My kids are still in disbelief when i remind them that i slept in an open clothes drawer as a newborn because my mom and dad simply couldn’t afford a crib. I remind them that if i turned out ok sleeping in a drawer, they won’t be scarred by a little hard work.”

While she may be a rookie as a candidate campaigning for congress, she is an expert at dealing with the issues facing an elected member of the us house of representatives. Having worked on economic development issues and job creation with both the Brownsville Chamber of Ccommerce and the Brownsville Economic Development Commission, she knows what south Texas needs to jump start the local economy. She also has the advantage of knowing the leaders and business owners who will make economic renewal possible as a result of her 20 year career working behind the scenes as the District Director in the 27th Congressional District.

Now as a candidate for congress, denise’s role is reversed as she steps from behind the curtain to center stage attending the same type of events she once coordinated. Saenz-Blanchard says it’s her love of people and her desire to help others that is making her first campaign get off to such a strong start.

“i’m not a politician, and i’m not going to pretend to be one. I’m a Texas native born and raised in Brownsville. I believe we need more people with common sense who know who to create jobs in congress. I have the background and experience in economic development and job creation to help get small businesses in South Texas start growing and hiring again. That’s why i’m running and why so many people are joining and contributing to our campaign,” concluded Saenz-Blanchard.

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Federal law requires us to use our best efforts to collect and report the name, mailing address, occupation, and name of employer of all individuals whose contributions exceed $200 in an election cycle. Individuals may donate up to $2500 per election. Multi-candidate Political Action Committees may donate up to $5000 per election. Corporations, labor unions, foreign nationals, or agents of foreign nationals may not donate.
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